We aim to ensure that the process of creating your office has become clear and comfortable and the result exceeded expectations.
Diagnosing, consulting and planning
  • Investigation of company's needs and internal business processes analysis
  • Consultation on optimization of the existing office space
  • Assistance in searching and selecting a new office space
  • Development and coordination of the program for a productive cooperation between a client and Happy Office
  • Special financing terms for your projects
Design Stage of your new office
  • Pre-study
  • Development of a basic floor plan
  • The development of a conceptual design, which includes
  • Furniture and materials selection for the decisions specified in the conceptual design
  • Development of project documentation
  • Development of a plan and schedule for the project
  1. Pre-study:
    • the study of engineering and technical documentation;
    • study of the object on-site;
    • measurements of the spaces with reference to the utilities;
    • illustrative material studying and stylistic of the office space discussion.
  2. Development of a basic floor plan:
    • functional zoning of the premises;
    • development of the planning schemes of the premises (plan of partitions, furniture and equipment fit-out);
    • explication of the premises.
  3. The development of a conceptual design, which includes:
    • approved version of the floor plan;
    • detailed plan of furniture and equipment location;
    • development of body-image, color and texture variations of the artistic solutions of the office space;
    • visualization of the office space.
  4. Furniture and materials selection for the decisions specified in the conceptual design:
    • a selection of furniture from leading European manufacturers;
    • a selection of lightning solutions;
    • a selection of decisions on partitions: plasterboard, glass partitions, combined, made of tempered glass, mobile;
    • defining solutions for ceiling: gypsum, modular system, acoustical panels, griliato;
    • defining solutions for window decoration: shutters, blinds, curtains;
    • selection of individual solutions for floors: hollow floor, carpet (tiles, rolls), heterogeneous, parquet, tiles;
    • the selection of automation solutions and office security: IT infrastructure, "Smart Office", automation of conference and presentation rooms, alarm, security, biometrics;
    • Selection of electrical equipment.
  5. Development of project documentation:
    • floor plan with dimensions, explication of the premises;
    • furniture and equipment fit-out;
    • specification of furniture and equipment;
    • drawings of custom-made furniture;
    • plan of sanitary equipment with references;
    • ceiling plan showing the type of material to be used;
    • lightning plan;
    • electricity plan;
    • floor plan with floor-level mark, the type of floor covering, its design and size, including explication of floor area with specification of the selected articles of material;
    • specification of door blocks;
    • sections and wall layouts with decorative elements;
    • specification of interior finishing;
    • drawings of custom-made furniture.
  6. Development of a plan and schedule for the project.

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Your new office Creation
  • Project management, quality compliance monitoring, time and budget supervision
  • Assistance in organizing and conducting tenders
  • Help in selecting vendors and external collaborators
  • Carrying out repair and finishing works, using the unique experience of our contractors
  • Supply of furniture and materials selected on the stage of office design
  • Post-design solutions for decoration ( objects of art, gardening, aquariums, information boards, office navigation)
Caring about your office
  • Help in moving (inventory, packaging, labelling, transportation)
  • Organization of the launch of the new office (starting from help in processes and employees adaptation to the new space and finishing with organizing an opening event)
  • Warranty and post warranty services
  • Minor repairs
  • Provision of temporary rental furniture
  • Services for the organization of cable management
  • Trade-in scheme for old furniture